Matt Willhite


Protecting the Environment & Water Quality
Florida’s natural environment and unique ecosystem is one of her greatest assets. As the populations of Florida and Palm Beach County continue to grow, it is critically important that we preserve and protect our natural environment. Farmland, agricultural land, natural preserves, and undeveloped land are all natural assets in Palm Beach County and I take them into consideration in every decision I make that affects them. From the Everglades to the rivers and bays to the natural springs, our waterways and water table are the foundation of a healthy ecosystem and a thriving economy.

Fighting for Our Seniors
All around Florida, but particularly here in Palm Beach County, issues facing senior and retired citizens have never been more important. I have—and will continue to—advocate on behalf of our state’s elderly population on issues such as public transportation, accessibility, and affordable prescription coverage. I’ve championed alternative programs, designed and implemented locally, that protect and expand long-term care options.

Investing in Transportation & Infrastructure
Population booms are a sign of a healthy and vibrant community, but with the boom comes the need to create and maintain reliable transportation and infrastructure with minimal impact is essential. By ensuring a long term, stable and safe transportation infrastructure, we are ensuring that future generations benefit from the work put in today.

Focusing on Public Safety
As an elected official, I’ve dedicated my career to ensuring that proper resources are deployed to Palm Beach County law enforcement and prosecutors so that they have tools they need to fight and prosecute crimes against our residents. In addition, I’ve fought for nurses, doctors, paramedics, police officers, and fire rescue personnel who are on the front lines every day working to keep our residents healthy and safe. I filed and passed HB 227 which was signed by the governor and extends mental health treatment as part of workers compensation for first responders.

Achieving Quality Public Schools
Our children are our greatest asset and the next generation of leaders. Their success is dependent on achieving quality public schools so they can learn from the best and brightest. As your state representative, I've brought together education stakeholders, teachers and parents to our community as a champion fighting for our area schools. When a local charter school failed to live up to its responsibility as a taxpayer funded institution, I held it accountable and called for a freeze and audit of its finances. Our children deserve the best and I will never stop fighting for the world-class education that they deserve.


Matt Willhite is known as selfless leader who is ready to put his community above self. He served our country for 8 years in the United States Navy as a Corpsman, serving with the 4th ANGLICO of the United States Marine Corps. In 1996, Matt joined Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and today has earned the rank of Captain. For Matt though, his service to his community hasn’t stopped there. In 2008, Matt embarked on a new path of service through elected office. As a Councilman and Vice-Mayor of the Village of Wellington, Matt has been a champion for a stronger quality of life for all residents. He is known as an effective leader who is focused on consensus building to deliver results for his community. A graduate of Lake Worth High School and Palm Beach State College, Matt and his wife, Alexis, have two boys, Luke & Mark and live in Wellington.


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